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Swinging couples in Locust Grove, VA

Locust Grove, VA

I am that Good woman your looking for lets see if we can blow each others mind!
reading this over I should really put together a much better written profile but I'm really not up to it my mammas pretty sick and it sometimes wears me down like now but I will do a better soon Describe who I am, well let me say I am not a made up person trying to impress anyone. And so whatif this is a sex site, who isn't looking for sex! With Love comes sex. But it's all in what you want and I ONLY WANT ONE MAN, I am divorced I have my own small business I work come home and I am tired of being alone I want to find a man who wants to be loved by a very sensual loving woman Me! I am not a liar I am very truthful faithful, and true from my heart. I believe in phyiscal attraction, I believe in love, I want to take bubble baths and drink wine together shampoo your hair and LAUGH together make love for days on end. Yes I am adventurous, and I would probably do it any where I could get away with it!! I love being a woman being femine and will take care of all my man wants and needs I want to share everything! I want you to see my silliness, I enjoy laughing especially together. Is that asking to much? Oh after being here a few weeks I decided to come add some things LISTEN I am not on here to be anybodys fuck buddy so forget it and if your not a gentleman and can't show me respect then don't even email me or don't ask for my instant messenger to be nasty to me. I am a descent good lady and I'm not here just for sex there are plenty woman here who wants that and that only go talk to them like that. And the subject is not open to negotations!!! I am looking for a man with a true heart who wants to share his life with a woman who will blow his mind! Forever! NO MARRIED MEN !!!!!! a man that really enjoys sex all the time I've been alone and that does mean alone no sex and when I find my lover WOW are we in for some hot sex hot making love all.
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Locust Grove, VA swing club

ok describe myself, well i am a attractive 44 yr. old women, i have long brown hair,med complexion,green eyes, 5'2 150lbs. I am laid back and easy to be around and talk to, honest to a fault sometimes,and i dont like stress or games,like to avoid both if possible.i like shooting pool, gardening,oil painting.and fucking...NO FAKE PEOPLE PLEASE I DONT LIKE WASTEING MY TIME OK. ok it's been 2 yrs so time to update my profile...I still want a man that makes my nipples hard and one with dimples ok that has not changed,I need a man who is stable and secure WITH NO OLD BAGGAGE !! tired of investing time in relationships that have ex wife and kid drama. Would perfer a man late 40's or 50's with a big sex drive and a cock that is at least 7 inches or more . I want a man that can appreicate getting his brains fucked out every day... You give me what i need and I give you what you need...that kind of thing. Tell one of your favorite sexual fantasies. Don't hold back!: I am home alone it's mid morning, and i am getting ready to take a shower, running the water for my shower and nothing on but my panties, as i am bending over testing the water i get the feeling i am not alone... and feel a hand slide between my legs and a very strong voice telling me not to be afraid and relax, he is rubbing my clit and gently pulling on my nipples. I can feel that he has a well built chest and a very large hard cock that is rubbing against my ass, the things that he is doing to me feel so damn good...(am i crazy?} i dont know this man but my bald pussy is getting sooo wet he slides a finger in to my hot honey hole slowly banging my pussy then another finger wow this feels so damn good tells me to stay bent over while he takes my panties off and starts to lick my sweet little pussy from behind god my clit is so hard its throbbing he tells me to turn around and face him he spreads my lips and is flicking that hard clit of mine and i see this handsome guy and i want to cum in his mouth already I tell him i'm going to cum if he dosent stop sucking my clit I want his cock inside me but first i want to taste it i get on my knees and begin to lick his big beautiful throbbing cock getting it very wet then i slide it into my watering mouth all the way slightly gaging me i want him to fuck my mouth hard his cock is dripping wet when he finishes fucking my mouth, we are both more then ready to fuck now... I slide my pussy all the way down on his cock and oh my god feels damn good i grind my pussy down on this beautiful rod and im fucking him so hard my ass is slapping his balls he's moaning and telling me what a sweet pussy i have, i tell him to pull on my nipples and that i am going to cum all over his cock a few more strokes and i orgasam but i'm not done yet and he explodes inside me as im milking his cum wanting all of it...he wastes no time and plants his face in my pussy i try to push his head back cuz i'm gonna squirt hard and tells me baby squirt in my mouth with his hot cum in me and him lapping at my clit i cant help but squirt all over him again and again. fact or fiction YOU decide.
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Locust Grove, VA swingers

RAVE. I PARTY. I FUCK. I LOVE MY LIFE STYLE WOULDNT CHANGE IT 4 THE WORLD AND WANT SOMEONE WHO CAN KEEP IT UP. I AM A COLLEGE STUDENT I AM SMARTER THAN U THINK I CAN FORM MY OWN OPINIONS AND I WILL. I CAN HOLD A CONVERSATION AND AN INTELIGENT ONE AT THAT. SO IF U THINK U CAN HANDLE ME N ARE UNDER 27 HIT ME UP AND I'LL TRY 2 GET BACK AT U. A FREAK AND A PARTY ANIMAL NO ONE OVER 27 UR MAIL WILL B AUTOMATICALLY DELEATED. Tell one of your favorite sexual fantasies. Don't hold back!: I would love to be pinned up against the hood of my car in the parking garage to a club. Have a completely hot strange guy bend me over and pin my hands behind my back. He then whispers into my ear “I’ve been watching you and now I’m going to fuck you like the whore you are” He turns me around and forcefully kisses me as he pins my hands together. I begin to struggle a bit and he slides his fingers up my skirt and under my panties. He feels the moist wetness and smirks. The smooth strokes of his fingers send shivers up my spine and allow for a small moan from my lips. He seen I’m enjoying it and begins to rub a little faster. With a look of delight in my eyes he tells me “Spread your legs NOW!” I quickly obey and I begin to feel the tantalizing touch of his tongue slowly tracing my outer lips. He works his way to my clip and begins to suck, lick and swirl my clit. It feels so great I begin to moan louder each time. Against my own pleasure I ask him to stop as I hear people coming he looks up at me telling me to “Shut the fuck up and take it like a Slut” with that said he starts ravishing my clit and I begin to grind on his tongue I can feel my juices dripping down my inner thigh. I start panting and moaning louder as I hear the people getting closer. Just then I get an amazing sensation all over my body as I cum on his tongue and mouth. He looks up at me in delight saying “Aren’t you happy I didn’t stop” Holds me down and kisses me so I can taste my juices. As the people walk by he continues to kiss me getting me wet all over again. As soon as they pass he chokes me down and demands that I unzip his pants and pull out his dick. He gazes into my eyes and rams his dick into my dripping wet pussy I let out a moan and he bites my lower lip making me squirm. I realize he’s fucking me raw and I begin to struggle this just turns him on more and he pulls out. I pant with relief as he says “I’m not done with u yet” turns me around bends me over and pins my hands down sticks his hard cock in me and starts fucking me hard and I begin to struggle. It feels so good I stop struggling and begin to buck with him making it feel better I begin to moan louder and louder as I feel him bring me closer to ecstasy my pussy already dripping and my juices flowing down his balls and thighs. He starts to fuck me harder deeper faster and we both cum him in me as I moan and he grunts. He pulls out brings me to my knees tells me “Suck it dry u dirty bitch” and makes me suck off our juices from his dick. After I suck it dry he pulls me up kisses me pats my ass and walks away leaving me still in awww.
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Location: Locust Grove, VA

Locust Grove, VA pusy

hot 'n sexy wife looking for real couples & ladies
We're a fun loving, easy going, D&D free happily married couple with almost eight (8) years and 25+ encounters worth of experience in the 'lifestyle.' We don't jump into bed wth every couple or single we meet but when we do click we don't waste time. We're in this to spice up our sex lives and hope you're looking for the same. In the bedroom, we tend to explore sex. She loves oral sex and f**ks like a champion but is increasingly fond of cuddles and kisses with other women... We're looking for Couples and Single Women. Discretion is important for us. Safe Sex is a given. Email us and tell us a bit about yourselves and send us a pic to get a pic. If you're a single Male PLEASE DON'T BOTHER writing to us as we WILL NOT RESPOND or join your network. We're also not into CyberSex. We're looking for partners who are fun loving and easy going - no pushy, obnoxious or smelly people. Only responses with pictures and contact details will be responded to. NO Single Males under any circumstances. Please understand our wish/need to be discrete. Lets get it on!!! Swing On!!! She loves the idea of being gangbanged by a team of black men. Although she has had a great time fucking and sucking young black men before she has never had more than one of 'em at a time and would love to be handled by two to three big black guys whilst the hubby watches and then steps into to finish her off. Another fantasy she has is to fuck a couple where either the male or the female is submissive. Somebody who would clean her creampie dry.
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From: Locust Grove, VA

Locust Grove, VA adult dating

come and fuck me
hot in sex, sexy educated woman. very naughty when it comes to sex topic. liberal minded and open to all kind of sex but without pain. sometimes funny. but reliable and very discreet. i am very careful when it comes to cleanliness. i dnt jump easily to guys who wants to meet me and fuck me. im looking for a well endowed man that has stamina in fucking a hot sexy woman. one that loves to satisfy a woman rather than himself. a man that doesnt hesitate to spend for fun and for myself also. I ONLY CORRESPOND TO CAUCASIAN GUYS THAT IS COMING OR HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES. I DNT WANT TO WASTE TIME CHATTING WITH GUYS THAT ONLY WANTED CYBERSEX
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